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The Cigna Wellbeing® app offers guidance and support to help manage your employees’ wellbeing wherever they are in the world. Here’s more information about the benefits and features of this convenient app.

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No, the Cigna Wellbeing® app is FREE to download for Cigna members.

If you’ve already registered for Cigna Envoy, simply login to Cigna Wellbeing® with the same Cigna ID number and password. If you’ve not registered for Cigna Envoy:
  • Register using the first 9 digits of your Cigna ID number – you’ll find it in your welcome email
  • Simply use the same Cigna ID and password to access the Cigna Wellbeing app on your phone.


For your Cigna ID, you can activate the “Remember me”. You’ll need to enter your password each time.

Yes, your dependents (over the age of 18) can access all the same great benefits that are available to you. Simply have them download Cigna Wellbeing® app to their mobile devices. From here they’ll be able to create their profile so they can take their own personalised wellness journey.

Yes, they’ll first need an “Invite to Register”. To send an invite log into the app, select “More” and then “Manage My Dependents”. Select the dependent you’d like to register with their own log in.


Cigna Wellbeing® app is currently available in English & Spanish with additional languages to be added soon. Access to Global Telehealth* consultations are available in English and Spanish. However, doctors will be able to call you back in other languages including: French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Arabic.

  • Global Telehealth*
  • Health and wellbeing assessments*
  • Targeted assessments* relating to sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity
  • Health library, featuring articles and recipes
  • Chronic condition management programmes on diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Telephonic coaching*
  • International Employee Assistance Programme (IEAP)*
  • Online Coaching programmes*
  • Biometrics

Select “Trackers” in the top right corner of your home screen. You’ll have the ability to add new details by selecting the “+” icon.

Not yet. However, there are plans to develop these capabilities in the future.

Cigna Wellbeing® app vs Cigna Envoy

Cigna Envoy is your self-service portal providing access to your medical plan benefits, claims, provider network, ID cards, eligibility status and much more. The Cigna Wellbeing® app is designed to support your personal health and wellbeing. It features tools, resources and access to clinical services that add up to a healthier you.

There are some wellness services that are available in both the Cigna Wellbeing® app and Cigna Envoy, such as the Health Assessment* and Targeted Risk Assessments*.

Yes. The data from Cigna Envoy syncs with the Cigna Wellbeing® app on an hourly basis.

How to Access

Simply touch the “Get Care” tab and follow the easy steps. Please refer to Telehealth FAQs for more details*.

Simply touch the “Focus” tab and then “Assessments” at the top. You’ll then see a list of assessments you can complete.

Select the “Programmes” tab for online coaching programmes.

Simply touch “Get Care” at the bottom of your screen and then “International Employee Assistance Programme”. Provided you allow the app to utilise your GPS location, the call button will identify the toll free country phone number to direct dial the IEAP service centre.

You’ll be asked if you’d like to receive coaching within the Health Assessment.

If you meet specific criteria within the Health Assessment, you can opt for a call from our clinical team to work with you on creating an action plan to manage your condition(s).

*Subject to availability

General Questions

Global Telehealth means convenience, flexibility and around-theclock access*, in a language of your choice, from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Cigna provides Global Telehealth in partnership with Advance Medical, a leading global provider of healthcare services with a network of GPs and specialists across the globe. All doctors are licensed in the countries where they practice medicine and are fully qualified and trained to provide this service.

Global Telehealth is accessible through the Cigna Wellbeing® app, downloadable free of charge via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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Service Features

The languages for video consultations are English and Spanish. However, doctors will be able to call you back in other languages including: French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Arabic.

Through Global Telehealth you are able to:
  • Access a trusted doctor, including specialists, for a medical consultation
  • Discuss medical symptoms like a fever, rash or aches and pains
  • Reach a working diagnosis if enough medical information is available
  • Prepare for an upcoming consultation
  • Discuss a medical report, test result or a treatment plan
  • Discuss a medication plan and potential side effects
  • Get support with navigating the local healthcare system

In case of an emergency, please dial the local emergency number from the country you’re in.

Waiting Time

Global Telehealth doctors are available with no time constraints. We know that time is important when you aren’t feeling well. The length of consultations can vary but the average consultation time can be anywhere up to 30 minutes.

Appointments are typically scheduled for the same day+. Careful consideration of your language preference and the current time zone are key factors in determining when an appointment can be scheduled.


The Telehealth doctor is assigned based on date, time and language preference in your particular time zone. Most likely, it will be a different doctor from the one you consulted with during the initial session. However, the doctor you confer with will be able to review notes from your previous Telehealth consultations. This provides consistency and assures that you’ll receive optimal care.

Yes. Doctors will be able to call you back to follow up on your care when needed.

Yes. When the doctor has enough medical information on your case, and when legally available* then a prescription or treatment recommendation can be provided. Should you receive a prescription, you’ll need to take it to a local pharmacy to order and collect your medication. There may be times when a Telehealth doctor may not be able to provide a prescription** or feels that an in-person consultation is needed in order to obtain a prescription.

After a video consultation, notes and any applicable prescription(s) by the Telehealth doctor will be uploaded to your Cigna Wellbeing® app, where they can be accessed and viewed. After a telephone consultation, the doctor’s notes and any applicable prescription(s) are emailed to you.

* Or where permitted by the country of assignment.
** There are instances where a prescription may not be issued, including but not limited to, chronic patients who are monitored regularly, unlicensed medications or not FDA approved treatments, narcotic medications, sleeping tablets, sedatives, hypnotics or benzodiazepines, barbituates, specialist only medication.
+ Video consultation appointments can be scheduled from Monday to Friday, UK: 8am-10:30pm (USA EST: 3:00am - 5:30pm)